Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Keeping the streets safe

Street Marshals are fast becoming an increasingly common feature of the night time economy. Having proved over recent years to help reduce serious crime relating to the night time economy there is a significant increase of these often unsung heroes now patrolling our streets.

The role of a Street Marshal is often to patrol a designated zone of a particular night time economy and assist other partnership agencies. Working in partnership with other agencies is key for the success of any marshaling scheme. Whether it be assisting Door Supervisors by moving on an argumentative customer who has been refused entry, helping with crowds at times of dispersal, informing CCTV of potential situations arising or liaising directly with the police to assist them, the role of the Street Marshal is now invaluable.

North Yorkshire Police recently emailed us to thank us for the actions of some of our marshals saying,

 "Both marshals were immediately on the scene detaining the offenders and preventing what could have proved serious injury. Superb work and thoroughly professional in the actions, appearance and conduct"

Street Marshals will often be the first people to attend a situation with potential for conflict. There are a large number of reports to evidence that their early involvement has on multiple occasions prevented situations from escalating therefore decreasing the number of serious assaults.

In 2010 Professional Security played a lead role, working alongside the police, in establishing Leeds' first Street Marshal project, a scheme still implemented and succesful today. In the first three weeks alone serious violent crime within the designated zones during the night time was reduced by more than half.

We currently supply a number of Street Marshal schemes around the country which are local council funded and led. In doing so we are proud to have played a role in decreasing serious crime figures and have even contributed to areas receiving the Purple Flag Award.

If you don't have a local scheme and would like to implement one we have a number of areas where we help run schemes which are organised and led by venue operators. We are fully insured to deploy Street Marshals and welcome the opportunity to speak with you and advise on how to launch your scheme. There is much to consider from the timings, hi visibility wear to increase their profile and presence as a deterrent to crime, to the unique training these individuals should receive to best equip them to tackle the conflict they will no doubt encounter. Please feel free to contact us info@professionalsecurityuk.com