Tuesday, 10 June 2014

No penalties please

With the World Cup upon us we are hearing the usual mixture of opinions ranging from England not making it through the group stages to the squad replicating the success of '66 with Roy Hodgson's young guns' pace and bravery taking the tournament by storm.

One thing for sure is the country will get behind our national team with licensed venues across the nation leading the way to ensure they maximise footfall and revenue for as long as possible. There could be an argument that operators across the country may be some of the only people wishing for extra time !

The tournament will bring many people out who don't usually frequent licensed premises and we must ensure that these people don't become vulnerable. Be mindful that some of the kick off times are as late as 23.00pm. For example England's opening game against Italy, this will no doubt see fans out earlier and by 1.00am a considerable amount of alcohol may have been consumed. We will see groups of fans in high spirits and low during the rollercoaster of Group D, and hopefully beyond, all of which will need monitoring and managing at times.

Our existing clients know the increase in risk during such events and are wisely increasing their Door Supervision requirements, reviewing their deployment timings and determining how, together, we can ensure a safer tournament for all.

We have been receiving a number of calls from venues who don't usually have a requirement for security but due to the World Cup need adhoc security to help them through the next few weeks. We are happy to facilitate this and if you are pondering whether or not you will require security during the key games please do not hesitate to contact us 0870 405 2990 or email us at info@professionalsecurityuk.com