Thursday, 12 October 2017

Bespoke uniforms setting the tone for a warm welcome...

Seeing the photo below of one of our guys at a recent launch made me realise just how far we've come as a business which is willing to break away from the stereotypical concepts in our industry and actually focus upon complimenting the profile and character of our clients' concepts.

For a number of years now we've happily implemented bespoke uniforms across our security teams. It started with clients wanting to differentiate themselves by maybe having a different colour tie, pink, mustard, gold, we've had them all!

We were happy to embrace this, as in honesty we didn't want to be a traditional security company, we always based our vision on being a customer service focused company that worked in the security industry.

More recently it is all part of the process of "warming" the environment with almost concealed security personnel being perceived more as "meet and greet" front of house concierges. This all contributes towards an increased focus on an inviting front door and enhanced customer care which in my opinion can only benefit all involved.

If you're looking for a company who are happy to take a less traditional approach to security and can provide personnel with a more debonair, hipster edge then please get in touch.

Brett McMann, Commercial Director. Professional Security

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Charity donations going swimmingly

When Suzi, our Office Manager, suggested we provide a weekly fruit bowl for our Head Office team little did we know it would benefit so many people outside of our office....

"When I first suggested the fruit bowl gesture internally it quickly snowballed to an idea that everyone seemed to embrace. It was suggested that we use an honesty box and people give as little or as much as they want for the fruit they take and that this would then be given to a selected charity"

Suzi Thistleton, Office Manager

We decided that we would raise money for a number of smaller charities throughout the year and would look to identify important causes in the local communities of the towns and cities where we supply our services.

By chance we had received an email on the same week from Kerry Lenton of the Woodlands Academy so we were quick to engage with her and see what we could do to help. Kerry gave us a real insight into her role and organisation alongside some ideas of what we could do to help, from the options given we decided to raise enough money to help fund a supervised swimming lesson for some of the children at the academy.

Pictured is Area Manager Jack Coyne visiting the academy and making our donation.

"In honesty I had never heard of the Woodlands Academy, but what a fantastic school it is. Having spent time there I am really pleased that we have been able to help and look forward to this being the first of many donations we can give to people across the country"

"Jack seemed genuinely interested in our teaching methods and approach to motivate and engage with all learners. We really appreciate your donation and the time Jack spent with us. On behalf of all of the staff and pupils at Woodlands Academy I would like to thank Professional Security for your support. Without donations like this we can not offer our pupils the practical approach to the curriculum which is crucial to their learning and development"

Kerry Lenton, Specialist Curriculum Support Officer

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

A busy weekend for new launches

We've been kept on our toes this weekend with a flurry of new clients and venue launches;

First up is the re-opening of a great location in Harrogate, with wise investment and clear direction we we're pleased to be asked to launch The Harrogate Arms, a welcomed addition to our Parliament Street clients.
There is a great selection of keg and cask ales, alongside  quality craft beers from around the world. Some taps are kept free to feature local or more unusual brews, and if gin is your thing you won't be disappointed!

" In my role as QCM I try to attend as many launches for the company as possible to ensure we are delivering to a high level of standard from the start of our security partnership with each client. Being at The Harrogate Arms all weekend I was hugely impressed by the venues' character and received constant positive feedback from visitors over the weekend. I am confident it will become a favourite of the local community"

Scott Gornall,
Quality Control Manager, Professional Security

Alexanders is a new European inspired bar and kitchen, set in a beautiful period building at the top of Skipton High Street.

This exciting new venue has something for everyone; a tiled gelato parlour, sumptuous bar and stylish theatre kitchen.

Regular live entertainment is planned and a fabulous terrace and garden set beside the Leeds - Liverpool canal.

As standard we will be putting a clear focus upon customer care however we have also embraced the request for a less traditional uniform, something which is currently proving popular with a lot of our clients.

It's a pleasure to be involved with operators who clearly have a passion to deliver to a high standard and we wish you both every success for the future.