Thursday, 12 October 2017

Bespoke uniforms setting the tone for a warm welcome...

Seeing the photo below of one of our guys at a recent launch made me realise just how far we've come as a business which is willing to break away from the stereotypical concepts in our industry and actually focus upon complimenting the profile and character of our clients' concepts.

For a number of years now we've happily implemented bespoke uniforms across our security teams. It started with clients wanting to differentiate themselves by maybe having a different colour tie, pink, mustard, gold, we've had them all!

We were happy to embrace this, as in honesty we didn't want to be a traditional security company, we always based our vision on being a customer service focused company that worked in the security industry.

More recently it is all part of the process of "warming" the environment with almost concealed security personnel being perceived more as "meet and greet" front of house concierges. This all contributes towards an increased focus on an inviting front door and enhanced customer care which in my opinion can only benefit all involved.

If you're looking for a company who are happy to take a less traditional approach to security and can provide personnel with a more debonair, hipster edge then please get in touch.

Brett McMann, Commercial Director. Professional Security